“Greetings from Vienna. As a young singer aspiring to become an opera singer, I had the good fortune to benefit from the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists. I participated in a masterclass (Encounter) given by Joan Dornemann which was a revelation! Her expertise and energy inspired me very much and I can still recall the suggestions she made.”
–Adrianne Pieczonka

Encounter with Joan Dorneman

Encounter with Joan Dorneman

“I was fortunate enough to attend a Master Class (Encounter) with Joan. I was so impressed with her depth of knowledge of the Italian repertoire, language, history of language and culture. The experience was entertaining as well as informative . Her experience and dedication to the Operatic Literature is more than impressive.”
–Jean MacPhail

“I learned a phenomenal amount from Joan. In fact I think it is fair to say that Joan was the best coach with whom I ever worked.”
–Jean Stilwell

“Many years ago, I attended Joan Dorneman’s sessions as an observer. Her fabulous ears and acute musicianship have inspired some of our budding professional singers, and have certainly influenced my own teaching. I always encourage students to participate in any of her courses. How fortunate for singers to have this experience.”
–Mary Morrison

“The Centre’s session were a turning point for me in many ways…they put me on the right path in several aspects for which I’m most grateful. I completed my B.Mus and performed in Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. I have this year been part of the International tour of “Phantom” in Singapore and Hong Kong. This steady work has certainly helped me pay my education-related debts. Thank you for your attention, for your hard work and for bringin Joan Dornemann to Vancouver.”
Lee Jameson, bass baritone

Hugh Russell coaching with Leon Major, 1993

Hugh Russell and Millicent Scarlet coaching with Leon Major, 1993

“I would like to thank you for your recommendation that I audition for Bramwell Tovey. Due to that audition, I now have my first contract.”
Hugh Russell, Baritone (Mr. Russell has been featured in Opera Canada’s Spring 2011 edition!)

“I find myself frustrated with the unfortunate lack of time to devote to the business aspects of a musical career, as well as long-range career planning.  Unfortunately, these subjects of such vital importance are not covered in the university curriculum nor are they to my knowledge available anywhere else.  The program is a fascinating study that would successfully fill out the education of our young professionals and make it complete on all levels.”
Jeanne Baxtresser, Flutist

“My most sincere thanks for accepting Adam Brazier into your “Encounter with Employers” with Leon Major.  This was a wonderful opportunity for Adam to receive some professional coaching and to experience a small part of the real “professional arts” world.  Also, Adam mentioned to me that he very much appreciated the sessions on how to write a biography and the panel discussion.  I hope these “Encounters” will continue and that future arts students from Unionville High School may be included.
Gail Harrison, York Arts Coordinator

“How time-effective it was for me as “Chairman of the Board” to simply pass on Ms. Summers’ book to my VP/spouse in answer to his innocent questions, “So what did you talk about today?  I’ve also found it an excellent resource (good notes or no) for reminding me of what I was sure I would not forget.”
Anita Noel, Waterloo

“The world of management and career development, with its various terms, agreements, understandings and arrangements, does not have to be confusing or overwhelming as is sometimes the case.  The Management Workshop gave tremendous insight and so much practical advice to support and encourage young performers.  It affirmed, for me, much of what I have recently encountered in many situations with which I have had to be involved regarding hold agreements, personal contacts and contracts.  It will all seem infinitely easier with which to deal as a result of your clear and direct explanations.  Thank you for providing such insight and opportunity right here in Toronto.”
Catherine Fitch, Toronto

“I would like you to know how much I enjoyed the Joan Dornemann encounter and the management seminar you gave with Richard Adams.  Not only did I learn valuable information, but it was a good opportunity for me to be heard by people in Toronto…Another important aspect of your encounters which I had not anticipated was my being able to expand my network of singer/friends.  Meeting and getting to know other singers who are at the beginning of their careers has been another good source of information and perhaps just as important, friendship.  This week I am auditioning for conductors and artistic directors and will return to Edmonton to prepare for my trip to Graz.  Thanks again for helping to make my Toronto trip a successful one.”
Janet Dea, Edmonton

“For young artists on the verge of becoming professionals, and for teachers, coaches and senior students, many insights are offered, and the contact with people at the top of the profession is inspiring.”
Helen Murray, Accompanist, Halifax

“I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the Jeanne Baxtresser Encounter.  I respect her teaching and her thorough approach to music.  I felt I learned a lot and was totally inspired.  Thank you very much for this opportunity.  I hope there are many more in the future.”
Susan Hoeppner, Flutist, Toronto