A call for help!

In fulfilling its mission, the IRCPA has identified the urgent need for a facility in Toronto, for musicians currently underserved by lack of resources. There is no place for artists to meet together, exchange creative ideas, to work, study, practice, rehearse, or to be mentored.

Such a Centre, as a permanent home base, would ensure the support in transition and growth our young professionals deserve. Such a Centre is envisioned as a resource to the neighbouring residents, after-school music students, visitors and tourists.

The IRCPA strives to create a Board of Trustees and Stakeholders to bring a Community Hub/Incubator Centre into existence, similar to two models in New York City: the National Opera America Center, and the Di Menna Center for Classical Music, owned by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. Both Centers were self-sustaining within 3 and 5 years.

Plans should include:

• Audition/rehearsal/performance venue
• Shared office space and equipment
• Shared meeting rooms
• A reference library
• The Clarice Carson Library
• Practice rooms
• After school music lessons
• A café

• Retail shop welcoming members
of the public
• Exhibits honouring Canadian
musicians of the past and present
for public awareness of our heritage.


The IRCPA and other musical organizations
will be able to share a rehearsal/audition venue,
office and meeting rooms, which, in time, can
be self sustaining from rentals of facilities.

Please help the IRCPA reach this goal donate expertise or money

Aiming high, the IRCPA is seeking
benefactors as partners to create a
shared Community Hub for Canada’s
musicians and music organizations.

Naming possibilities include the
performance/audition venue,
practice rooms, library, meeting
rooms, board room.

An honour wall to recognize
Canadians in the music industry
is also available.

Marketing Workshop. Ron Holgerson

Why a centre dedicated to serving Canadian musicians nationally in Toronto?

Toronto is home to 90% more performing artists than any other Canadian city, according to Ontario Arts Council.
The establishment of a community hub as a permanent home for musicians, related organizations and community/public interaction and awareness, is important to all Canadians.

For more information, please call 416.362.1422, email: info@ircpa.net or mail:
43 Bright Street, Toronto, ON. Canada M5A 3H5

The National Opera America Center in New York City is a model for the IRCPA Centre in Toronto.

Dedicated to the opera community in North America, the Opera Centre is self-sustaining with rented facilities and modest fees.

Each month, as many as 5,000 people now visit the Opera Center for public programs, auditions, recitals, rehearsals, recording sessions and meetings.

If you are planning a trip to New York and wish to visit/tour the National Opera America Centre, in mid-Manhattan, we will arrange an appointment for you. They are wonderful colleagues.


Photographs of the National Opera Center in New York are shown by courtesy of Opera America, Marc Scorca, President.

Rehearsal space at the National Opera Center
Ardis Krainik Research and Reference Library
The Marc A. Scorca Hall