The International Resource Centre for Performing Artists (IRCPA) is a unique, charitable, service organization providing post academic resources to musicians, especially those who are marginalized or underserved. Our goal is to assist emerging professionals to achieve sustainable, fulfilling careers that meet or exceed their goals and search for excellence.

The IRCPA is designed for young professionals and is not a ‘training’ program. It’s mandate is not only to help musicians in first phases of their careers but also throughout their professional lives and is based on the principle that a successful career is a life-long learning experience.

The International Resource Centre for Performing Artists has announced a financial award to be given to sopranos Jaclyn Grossman and Jocelyn Fralick.

Singers in the IRCPA’s Ten Singing Stars

New Generation share their delight after their October 15 performance, broadcast and streamed live from Zoomer Hall. At the conclusion, celebrated baritone Brett Polegato – who had earlier given them valuable pointers in a daylong Encounter – named soprano Jocelyn Fralick as recipient of the coveted Career Blueprint, giving her three days of career advice and materials in New York.  Watch concert video

Front row, left-right: Nicholas Gryniewski (baritone), Ana Toumine (soprano), Hillary Tufford (mezzo); Back row, L-R: Ryan Nauta (tenor), Ross Mortimer (tenor), Jaclyn Grossman (soprano), Brett Polegato, Jocelyn Fralick (soprano), Rachel Miller (mezzo), Ryan McDonald (countertenor), Mélissa Danis (soprano), Camila Montefusco (mezzo).