The International Resource Centre for Performing Artists (IRCPA) is a unique, charitable, service organization providing post academic resources to musicians, especially those who are marginalized or underserved. Our goal is to assist emerging professionals to achieve sustainable, fulfilling careers that meet or exceed their goals and search for excellence.

The IRCPA is designed for young professionals and is not a ‘training’ program. It’s mandate is not only to help musicians in first phases of their careers but also throughout their professional lives and is based on the principle that a successful career is a life-long learning experience.

Dear Colleagues,
The extension of the Covid restrictions by Ontario to May 20th has made it necessary for us to postpone (once again) the Encounter with Theodore Baerg, scheduled for May 21. We have informed the singers who have signed up, and the generous donors who make the Encounter possible.

The IRCPA Board and the Vocal Advisory Group unanimously felt it is best to try again in the Fall. We will post information on this website and on social media as soon as new dates are confirmed. The revised dates for the Encounter and the subsequent Singing Stars – New Generation Concert, ideally all will take place in late September or early October.

Please be well and keep safe. I will be available throughout the next weeks if there are any questions or problems, or if you have news that The IRCPA could share and distribute.

We are always open to suggestions, so please let us know of any ideas in which we can be of assistance to you and your career.



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