Career Moves Feedback and Photos – November 2011

Career Moves Weekend Workshop was held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts on November 12 & 13, 2011.

Performing arts leaders gathered in Toronto for two afternoons of seminars and discussions designed to help people make a career as classical singers, instrumentalists, conductors, composers, and other related professionals.

November 12, 2011: There was a panel discussion featuring presenters, managers, a publicist, critics and artists. Moderated by William Littler, senior critic, The Toronto Star, the panel included critic Colin Eatock, contributor to the Globe and Mail and other publications; arts publicist Liz Parker; manager Robert Baird, president of the North American Association of Performing Arts Agents and Managers (NAPAMA); presenters Marco Parisotto, conductor, Ontario Philharmonic; and Bruce Owen, Barrie Concert Association; Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Michael Colgrass, artist in a successful career. They shared their experiences and offered insight and advice into what is expected of performers in the industry today, to help aspiring artists, professionals and semi-professionals know who does what and why, in order to take their careers to the next level.

November 13, 2011: Legendary artist manager Edna Landau, a co-founder of IMG in New York, headlined a question-and-answer session, fielding questions from participants. Now retired from IMG, Ms. Landau offers career advice for performing artists on her Musical America blog Ask Edna.

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Here is some feedback from participants and panelists who attended the event.

Dear Ann:
I want to take a moment to thank you for bringing me to Toronto to participate in the International Resource Centre’s Career Moves Weekend. I admire what you are doing with young artists in Canada and think it is quite unique. These people are very lucky that you expend such considerable efforts in helping them move into successful professional careers. The personal guidance you offer and the programs you present give them the confidence and knowledge they need to make important decisions and embark on new initiatives. I hope that your program will find new and ongoing sources of support so that it will reach an even broader audience and remain affordable to any artists or arts administrators who wish to avail themselves of what it has to offer.
All warmest regards,
Edna (Landau), Co-founder of IMG Management


I found “Career Moves” sessions both informative and very inspiring. Not only you provided quality and thought-provoking disputes but you also managed to create an environment for young artists to meet with guest professionals who are the leading figures in music industry today. Thank you and please do continue this incredible work.
Kornel Wolak – clarinetist


Thank you so much for including me in this year’s IRCPA panel – I really enjoyed the experience and having the opportunity to talk about PR and photo shoots. I also really treasured the chance to meet “Dame Edna”, who is lovely and generous with her time and advice. Wonderful.
Liz Parker, Publicist


I would like to take this opportunity and to profoundly thank you for organizing wonderful 2 days of seminars this past weekend… It has been an invaluable experience and a great information source. I wish these events will continue and grow as they are a unique and wonderful platform not only for musicians but also, more importantly, for developing a professional and well informed circle of Artists Managers as well.
Joanna Makowicz, J.A.M. Global Arts Management


Thank you so much for the seminar. It was so very informative and I met some amazingly talented people. I feel very blessed to have seen the article in the Jewish Tribune and to have connected with you.
Aaron Bensoussan, tenor


Thank-you for a wonderful weekend of workshops. It was such a great opportunity to hear from so many experts in one room. It’s not often that you get to share knowledge, shake hands, and share questions and discussion with so many key people in our industry. Thank-you!
Lynn Kuo


After hearing these professionals and artists be so open to sharing their knowledge, advice and experiences, I feel that it is more possible than ever for me to have a viable career in the Performing Arts. What an EMPOWERING event!
Carla Chambers-Jeffreys, soprano

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