Auditions: from Rob Knopper’s blog, member of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Read important audition preparation and philosophy. It’s inspiring! Singers note how Shenghua prepares by reading the story of each opera he plays!

Want to know how Shenghua Hu won 2 Met auditions in two years? He played mock auditions for his cats.

Well, that’s not the whole story, of course. but he did do that. he also worked his butt off in a bunch of other ways.

It’s always valuable to listen to the behind-the-scenes of someone’s audition preparation. so i asked shenghua to explain how he prepared for these auditions.

Shenghua Hu is a seriously inspiring dude. his answers were thoughtful, thought-provoking, and overall just seriously really cool. Thanks so much to shenghua for his time and energy. Enjoy!

I asked shenghua hu how he prepared for the MET audition


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