Postponed until the Fall

Representation: Managers and Agents, early May 2018 (date tbd)
This workshop consists of a morning panel discussion and Q&A led by five Canadian managers/agents from diverse sectors of the music industry; and an afternoon session in which these professionals meet one-on-one with workshop participants. The managers/agents include Toronto-based Kathy Domoney (opera singers/directors/conductors), Robert Missen (music theatre/touring); Richard Flohil (Jazz/Public Relations); Ottawa-based Judith Humenick (jazz), and Laurelle Favreau (classical soloists/ ensembles), based in Connecticut.


Artist-Manager Working Relationships: Jazz singer Ori Dagan and Manager Carl Berger, early May 2018 (date tbd)
In this workshop, jazz singer Ori Dagan and his manager Carl Berger will discuss their working relationship as a partnership, along with a host of issues related to artist management. They will also outline the process of creation, recording and distribution of recorded music.


Who’s Who in the Industry: Programmers, early May 2018 (date tbd)

Robert Harris
, journalist Globe & Mail.

Derek Andrews, Luminato Festival, Hugh’s Room
Jonathan Bunce, Wavelength Festival
Loie Fallis, Toronto Symphony
Mervon Mehta, Koerner Hall
Jennifer Taylor, Music Toronto. 

How and Who determines what we hear in our clubs, festivals or concert venues?

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Workshops will be scheduled to pre-date or coincide with Canadian Music Week in Toronto, May 7–13


Kathy Domoney
Richard Flohil
Laurelle Favreau
Derek Andrews
Robert Missen
Judith Humenick
Ori Dagan
Jonathan Bunce
Mervon Mehta