Here’s Ann Summers Dossena’s letter to the Premier of Ontario Dough Ford

TO: The Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Dear Mr. Ford,

For your convenience, I’m forwarding a copy of my email of October 27 regarding the Dominion Foundry Buildings.  Please give me, my colleagues, and the residents an opportunity to speak to you, by zoom or other means, to give you the complete information regarding the proposed regeneration of these buildings in historic Corktown.

We know you are very busy and under pressure, however since the demolition crew has arrived on the site, the matter has become extremely urgent. Since we have been informed that currently there is no application for development on the site, please consider holding off the demolition of these heritage buildings and speak with us regarding our important proposal.  As early as 2015,  I have been asking about these majestic buildings and how they could be reused for our economic, cultural and social needs in Corktown, the Province and be recognized internationally as a go-to place in Ontario.

Professionals in the community began a feasibility study to approach you with proof the project could be self-sustaining.  We ask only if you can give us a chance to speak to you and for time to complete the study before demolition.

May we speak with you?

Cordially,  Ann

Ann Summers Dossena

Founder/Artistic Director

International Resource Centre for Performing Artists. (IRCPA)


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